"Value based care? When technology delivers actionable analytics into the hands of clinicians and decision makers, only then will we drive operational efficiencies, improved quality, revenue optimization, and truly transform healthcare." - Colleen Greene, CEO & President at Allegro Healthcare

"Value based care? When technology delivers actionable analytics into the hands of clinicians and decision makers, only then will we drive operational efficiencies, improved quality, revenue optimization, and truly transform healthcare."- Colleen Greene, CEO & President at Allegro Healthcare


Founder & CEO

Colleen’s great passions are leveraging data to improve health outcomes in our communities and developing innovative models of care. As an executive who has worked for healthcare organizations ranging from startups to one of the nation's most prominent health systems and a health insurance company in the Fortune Top 50, she has honed her expertise working across the payer, provider, and healthcare technology vendor spaces. As CEO of Allegro Healthcare, she leads a healthcare technology and management consulting firm.

Colleen is a true servant leader who is transformational, charismatic, and visionary. She isn’t afraid to push the limits or manage uncertainty. She is a go-getter and not afraid to roll up her sleeves to accomplish the company’s goals. She is a forward-thinking cost conscious and outcomes-driven executive with significant accomplishments in start-up and operations management, customer-client relations, business strategy, data science, technology innovation, payment innovation, and value-based contracting models. Colleen has been a pioneer in value-based care and reimbursement models on the payer side, the provider side and the technology side. Colleen is very passionate about revolutionizing healthcare, reducing the rising healthcare costs, consumer-driven healthcare, management of chronic complex populations, fixing our fragmented healthcare system, and reducing system inefficiencies.

Colleen enjoys helping companies grow by getting her hands dirty with the marketing teams and sales teams. She does so by leveraging her deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and its complexities, developing and communicating compelling value propositions, defining target markets, developing the market positioning, defining the market segmentation, providing market insights, and leading the implementation of a go-to-market strategy. She loves a challenge and has been dubbed as a “master dot connector” by her previous employers.

She has worked on the inside of the following healthcare arenas: hospitals/health systems, large provider organizations, payers, and healthcare technology companies. She has worked closely with care coordination programs, chronic disease management programs, nurse navigator programs, complex care management programs, telehealth, pharmacy vendors, mHealth companies, IoT companies, health information exchanges, home visiting clinical vendors, population health management companies and many other healthcare vendors.

Leveraging her combination of technical and management experience, she is equally comfortable collaborating with developers and technical teams as she is working with clinical staff, client relations, business development, sales, marketing teams, medical directors, other c-suite colleagues, the company’s board and investors. She has presented at national healthcare conferences welcomes the opportunity for a public-facing leadership role. 

Prior to starting the healthcare technology and management consulting firm, Colleen served as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for Strategic Business Operations at a multi-state, patient-centered ambulatory intensive care practice where she led the company’s growth strategy while also developing several departments (IT/Technology, Analytics, Client Relations/Sales) from scratch. Colleen led the development of innovative analytics and a secure, reliable IT infrastructure that served the sickest of the sick within our country’s most vulnerable and underserved populations. Colleen also led the development of multiple value-based reimbursement models in this role earning the company additional millions in revenue. She set the company up for on-going growth and sold new business in three new states. She oversaw all value-based contracting, which included contracts with national and local payers.

At Anthem Inc., Colleen served as Director of Population Health and Emerging Technologies where she led multiple enterprise-level initiatives, to include the development of new products, programs, and contracts to reduce healthcare costs, improve value-based metrics, and improve the patient experience. She created and managed the new value-based contracts, led a clinical data aggregation project, a digital transformation effort, and build of the company’s first data lake.

Colleen’s early career experience at Johns Hopkins in actuarial analytics and medical economics, clinical analytics, predictive modeling, cost savings analysis, program evaluation, and HEDIS & quality analytics, prepared her to take on various strategic roles centered on value-based reimbursement. She has also served in management, finance, technology, and analytics roles for managed care organizations, health systems, and a healthcare technology company.

Her unique experiences working on both the payer and provider side of the house have positioned her as a strategic partner for organizations in the healthcare technology space, provider and prayer spaces. She has an extensive background in provider/payer contracting, alternative payment models, technology vendors/payer contracting, value-based care analytics and value-based contracting, developing value-based reimbursement models, capitalizing on new revenue models, enhancing provider-payer collaboration, HEDIS/quality care gap closure, population health, data sharing, healthcare technology, analytics and data visualization, business intelligence, performance improvement, systems integration, digital transformation, and interoperability.