Hospitals never close. Ensure your facilities are secure to prevent costly downtime

Healthcare organizations make excellent targets for ransomware because of the combination of a broad cyber-attack surface, a high density of sensitive information, and relatively low cyber security investment that often doesn’t include timely data backups. Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and typically start with opening an email attachment by an unaware employee. The attachment contains malware that makes its way through the computer system to encrypt and lock any files or operating systems it can access before demanding the victim pay a ransom. For healthcare organizations, the loss of critical systems and data can lead to significant financial loss and even death.

How We Help

Allegro Insights can help healthcare organizations manage critical business challenges to help them face the future with confidence, whether that is through our healthcare management consulting or through our robust security and compliance services. Our team can work with your organization to help transition to value-based contracting or even prepare for and prevent disasters, such as cyber-attacks. Our experts can perform deep-dive penetration tests on medical devices and networks. We can also help avoid costly HIPAA compliance errors through our assessments and audit services.

Find out more how we can put our insights to work for you:

  • Signature Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Medical device penetration testing
  • HIPAA gap assessment
  • HITRUST gap assessment
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Pandemic preparedness
  • Cyber crisis preparedness
  • Value-based care consulting
  • Contract, policy, and procedure drafting