Manage your risks so they don’t manage you

The reputational and financial risks organizations face today are rapidly evolving and, left unmitigated, can swiftly sink a company. Add to that the digitization of almost every aspect of business, which compounds the complexity of the security landscape and leaves organizations more vulnerable. Risks can be financial, legal, technical, non-compliance, the threat of disasters, or nearly anything imaginable. Though they are normally treated as silos, today nearly all business operations overlap in one place or another. At Allegro Insights, we approach security as an ecosystem that incorporates a wide array of data for a more accurate evaluation.

How we help

Get started with the Allegro Insights Signature Risk Assessment to gain the situational awareness and decision support needed to protect your revenue and customers.  Our Signature Risk Assessment begins with the creation of a common operating picture to understand and assign value to your physical and digital business assets. We use this common operating picture to identify and map vulnerabilities to threats so that we can calculate the probability of each vulnerability being exploited and the actual business impact that would result from such a compromise. Finally, we determine mitigation strategies and develop a tailored plan to maximize the resilience of your organization. Find out more how we can put our insights to work for you.

The Signature Risk Assessment Includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Gap Analysis
  • Detailed Roadmap
  • Targeted Action Plan
  • Customized Presentation